Crispy tarte flambée from the MEATEOR HELIOS 800 degree top heat grill

The weekend is around the corner and it should be a really nice one again. In the meantime cold, yes, but with a lot of sun and especially without rain. What does that mean? Right, barbecue weather! I do not know who invented the term "barbecue season", but you can grill whenever it is not hailing, raining or snowing. A bit of cold and wind can not stop me from grilling, at least. First it was my big gas grill, which showed me that you can grill completely independent of season. With gas you can even stand around the grill food with gloves, scarf and hat, even at low temperatures and get it finely grilled. And then there's the latest hot vehicle in my fleet: The MEATEOR HELIOS top heat grill (the same as the Beef Maker by Aldi Nord)!

The Meateor Helios 800 degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | #meateorhelios #helios #supergrill #steak # 800grad #flammkuchen #pizzastein #gasgrill #bbq #grill

Bottom heat Grill? Exactly! Compared to a normal gas or coal grill, the heat comes from above. And we are talking about a temperature range up to 800 ° C, dear friends! With it you get your steaks in a few minutes ultra crispy and juicy pink roasted. Pizza? No problem, thanks to the optional pizza stone, you'll have a freshly baked pizza on the table in minutes!

The Meateor Helios 800 Degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | #meateorhelios #helios #supergrill #steak # 800grad #flammkuchen #pizzastein #gasgrill #bbq #grill

In addition, the Helios (= Greek god of the sun, you understand?) is relatively small, light and handy and offers the maximum barbecue fun. The support surface is comparatively large, so you can also sizzle a large T-bone steak or two Ribeye steaks or hip steaks at the same time. Or just a normal-sized pizza with a diameter of up to 27 cm. And it gets even better: Thanks to triple height adjustment by a lever and pull-out drawer you do not need any special tools to open it, not even gloves. But in turn ...

The Meateor Helios 800 degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | moeyskitchen. com #meateorhelios #helios #current grill #steak # 800grad #flammkuchen #pizzastein #gasgrill #bbq #grill

I had a few months to put the MEATEOR HELIOS through its paces and spent an hour or two with him. From the sausage to the burger, from the corncob to the zucchini and from the tarte flambée to the dry aged steak, I've grilled everything on him, which has come my way. So I think I can now enumerate quite well what I like and what I might not improve.

The Meateor Helios 800 Degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | #meateorhelios #helios #supergrill #steak # 800grad #flammkuchen #pizzastein #gasgrill #bbq #grill

What I really like about the MEATEOR HELIOS

  • The high-quality workmanship . The price I was first skeptical, but the workmanship is really excellent. Everything really fits together perfectly, nothing wobbles or seems inferior. The quality is really great!
  • The security !Thus, the grill, which is operated with a commercial gas cylinder, equipped with a PIEZO igniter. Simply push in the button, turn slowly and ignite. Without getting your fingers dirty. Thanks to the so-called OSD valve, no gas can escape if the grill is not on. The MEATEOR HELIOS carries a safety sticker from TÜV Rheinland and also has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.
  • The pull-out drawer . How ultra-practical that is, I noticed right from the first use: pull out the drawer with one hand, simply turn the meat directly on the grid and push it back into the grill. Finished! The drip tray is integrated directly into the drawer, so nothing burns, nothing gets bitter.
  • The handy size with the handy recessed grips on the sides , I can easily lift and adjust the grill, for example to clean it.
  • The continuous burner . The MEATEOR HELIOS has only one burner, which is all the stronger and ensures a consistent result. If you push your grill food about in the middle to the back third it gets the full power. Smaller slices of bread or corn on the cob cook perfectly in the front third for more indirect heat.
  • The Multifunctionality ! Normally, I am always skeptical about multifunction devices. The egg-laying Wollmilchsau can not exist! Thanks to the 3-level height adjustment of the drawer and the grate and the adjustable burner, I can grill barbecued pork steaks, sausages and vegetables on the top heat grill on the lowest level and on mild to medium heat, so to speak standard barbecue . It does not always have to be steaks at 800 degrees ...
  • The easy cleaning . With my big grill I have a cast-iron grate, which I have to clean vigorously in the heat and with a wire brush. However, this is not necessary with Helios . Both grill grate and drip tray and even the drawer are made of stainless steel and can be removed and easily cleaned in the sink or even in the dishwasher. Simply pull the drawer out of the switched-off grill and let it cool down. It will not take long. I then simply soaked the grate and drip tray in water and detergent in the sink and cleaned it with a normal dishwashing brush or sponge. The housing can be easily wiped inside and out with a damp cloth.
  • And seriously? What do you expect after what you've seen and heard now, what the device costs? I would have typed at least a three-digit amount in the middle. But the price is really unbeatable ! The Helios is currently available with a cover in a set at a special price of 249 €! My tip: Ordered for 20 € necessarily with the pizza stone, which is available now! You will not regret it, because ...
  • Pizza and tarte flambée like from the stone oven ! One knows pizza stones from the normal application in the oven - preheat for 45 to 60 minutes at 250 degrees, then bake a pizza or a tarte flambée on it. The Helios just needs 15 minutes preheat time and only a few minutes per pizza or tarte flambée!Unfortunately, the water sloshed when opening the drawer regularly on the floor. But the manufacturer responded very quickly and delivered the device with another, higher shell that you simply put into the drip tray. This works great, nothing spills over and nothing burns more!
  • That's really complaining and the three levels are great. It would be even better if the drawer were infinitely adjustable . But as I said, high level and so ...
  • Granted, it would be nice if a second burner would be installed , so that you can use the whole grill area completely. Of course that would have affected the price and that's why I can live very well with this point! As I wrote above, I have already developed my own system for this purpose and can therefore grill perfectly "normally", so it is not a big disadvantage.
  • Thin steaks are not enough to the burner and can not be cooked as nicely as thicker pieces. Well, I guess I would not be able to prepare beef minute steaks in the MEATEOR HELIOS anyway, and if you get decent steaks at least 3 cm thick, that fits in well with the crackling, caramelized crust. I tested selflessly for you several times.
  • Although there is now the pizza stone, other accessories like a grill plate, a suitable wooden slider or similar. but I would still find great. But I do not worry about that either - the manufacturer will certainly deliver something.

The Meateor Helios 800 Degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | #meateorhelios #helios #current grill #steak # 800grade

Conclusion to the MEATEOR HELIOS

If you are looking for a top heat grill, I highly recommend the MEATEOR HELIOS. The price-performance ratio is really unbeatable and for a really fair price you get a superb 800-degree grill for preparing steaks, pizza and tarte flambée but also for sausages, chicken, pork steaks and vegetables. Incidentally, HELIOS is also available under the name BEEF MAKER in a version by Aldi Süd. Keep your eyes open, because the device is identical!He should have an elastic and smooth consistency. Cover airtight and let rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes.


The dough divide into four parts and roll out on the floured work surface to rustic tarte flambée. Stir crème fraîche until smooth and spread evenly over the dough.


Sprinkle a wooden board or pizza scraper with flour and gently pull the tarte flambée in succession.


Cover two of the dough pieces with the grapes and the brie and cover with rosemary sprigs. Cover the other two dough pieces with the figs, goat's cheese and thyme and drizzle with 1 tsp of honey each time.




For the perfect crispy tarte flambée, put the pizza stone on the grid. Heat the drawer at the lowest level and at full power for about 15 minutes. Pull out the drawer, carefully push the tarte from the slide onto the pizza stone and set the grill down to the lowest heat. Approximately Grill for 3 minutes until the dough throws bubbles and the cheese runs dry. If necessary, turn the tarte flambée on the pizza stone at 180 degrees after 2 minutes so that it cooks evenly under the burner. Remove the finished tarte cake from the stone and season with pepper. Possibly. sprinkle with some sea salt.


Before preparing the next flame cake, set the drawer to medium and heat for another 1-2 minutes on full heat. Then grill again as described above.


The tarte flambée can of course be varied according to your mood, for example now in the fall with classic bacon cubes and onions or with leek and ham. Pizza works the same way in preparation, but may take 1-2 minutes longer, depending on the thickness of the dough.

The Meateor Helios 800 degree top heat grill in the test and recipe for crispy tarte flambée | perfect for juicy steaks | #meateorhelios #helios #supergrill #steak # 800grad #flammkuchen #pizzastein #gasgrill #bbq #grill

Further tests and recipe ideas for the MEATEOR HELIOS and BEEF MAKER

  • At Malte you'll find a great burger recipe! He explains exactly how to grill buns and patties perfectly and why you should always pull out the drawer to prick the meat. Have a look!The device was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer. I could put the grill through its paces and in this post I return my honest opinion after my own experience.