Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine

I love day trips and little weekend trips! From Cologne you can travel anywhere within a 3-hour drive: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Maastricht and even in Metz . For my birthday in early September, I once again planned a small day trip - Antwerp literally fell into the water and 25 degrees in Metz sounded much better. And so that this is a small travel report with real added value, I still have the recipe for a delicious Quiche Lorraine from the former Lorraine region, so around Metz brought. But in turn.

Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

Day Trip to Metz - Travel and Parking

Metz is a pretty little town in Northern France. Idyllically located on the Moselle in the Grand Est region (formerly Lorraine), it is only about half an hour's drive from Luxembourg or Saarbrücken. From the Rhineland, we were about 3 hours on the road, which is in a reasonable frame for me. You drive through the beautiful Eifel and the track is very relaxed.

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine (Lorraine bacon) | Plums and Mullets from Metz |

The city center of Metz has a circular structure and is therefore a great base for exploring on foot. His car can be parked in one of the many public parking garages. We opted for the car park Parking République, a modern and well-maintained underground car park. The maximum price for 24 hours is currently € 14.80. If you come from Cologne, this price is really low ... From this parking garage I chose a route in a circle, which led us back to many sights on foot and then back to the car.

Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

Breakfast in Metz

Since we left early, we were on time for breakfast in the city. The first way from the parking garage led us to #FOX Coffee Shop Metz. A beautiful café with wildly mixed furniture and crockery. In addition to coffee specialties, there are also all kinds of breakfast, sandwiches and numerous cakes and pastries. We opted for the sweet breakfast with bread and croissant, coffee and orange juice. Jam from the region is brought directly to the table in a basket. The cake looked incredibly tempting, but we still had some plans for the day.We looked at the current exhibitions, but they were rather disturbing. This should not be an art blog. The museum is in my opinion but worth a visit. If you still want to go shopping then you will find the huge shopping mall Muse next door.

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine (Lorraine bacon) | Center Pompidou Metz |

Delicacy from Metz: Paris-Metz

We continued north, inter alia, to visit the Porte des Allemands (Deutsches Tor) at La Seille, part of the ramparts of the old city wall. On the way, we made a detour to a branch of Fresson. In this pâtisserie you get a local specialty called Paris-Metz . This is a large macaron filled with crème anglaise and fresh raspberries. Of course we can not miss out on that!

Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine | Local Specialty: Paris -Metz |

The Cathedral of Metz

Our stroll continued through the district Saint-Jacques , which seems to be popular with tourists. On the way through the city you can find wonderful little shops. But our destination should be the gothic-style Saint-Étienne Cathedral . It is considered one of the largest and most beautiful churches in France and contains, among others, designed by Marc Chagall glass windows. A really impressive structure that you should absolutely look from inside!

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine (Lorraine liqueur ) | Cathedral Saint-Étienne in Metz (Stephansdom) |

The Market Hall of Metz: Marché Couvert

Next to the Cathedral is the Metz Market Hall . A covered building with numerous market stalls for local produce. In addition to French cheese specialties, fresh meat and a lot of vegetables, you will find here especially many products with mirabelle plum and plums. The region around Metz is known for its plum variety and so there are many specialties to buy here. At the market hall we had a little refreshment in the form of a delicious hand-cut tartar, delicious!

Day trip to Metz and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine (Marketplace of Metz - Marché Couvert |

 Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine | Metz Market Hall - Marché Couvert |

Metz Neuf Neighborhood and Pedestrian Street

The further way leads us past Temple Neuf , a Protestant church that is beautifully situated on a small island in the Moselle and attracts numerous tourists to take photos.

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine | Temple Neuf an der Mo sel in Metz |

Close by is the pedestrian zone in downtown Metz, home to a large number of large shops that invite you to stroll.My France expert Bibi recommended me the branch of E.Leclerc Express in Maizières-lès-Metz. And that was a revelation! I felt like half an hour in front of the 20 meters of French butter! In this huge supermarket you can really find everything your heart desires and so I have only once extensively shopped, including for my Quiche Lorraine. For such tours, I always like to recommend an electric cooler for the car, so that the products survive the trip home well.

If you still do not have enough of shopping, make sure to make a detour to the Waves Actisud on the way home. The last time I saw such a huge and chic complex in the USA. There are really shops and if you are looking for kitchen utensils you have to visit Maisons du Monde!

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

Recipe for Quiche Lorraine from the Lorraine region

Quiche Lorraine (Lorraine Speck Cake) is one French specialty from the area around Metz and is served there especially with a small salad warm for lunch. There are the quiche in different versions, for example with cheese or onions. However, I opted here for a simple recipe for the classic Quiche Lorraine with smoked bacon cubes ("lardons"), eggs and French crème fraîche on a simple shortcrust pastry ("pâte brisée"). Have fun trying them out!

Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

Day trip to Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine - Lorraine Bacon

Portions: 6

Simple and classic recipe with shortbread, bacon, eggs and creme fraiche


  • 250 g flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 125 g soft butter in pc
  • 1 egg yolk (size M)
  • Flour for the worktop
  • 200 g of smoked bacon in one piece
  • 4 eggs
  • 150 g of creme fraiche
  • 100 g of cream
  • 2 pinches of fresh grated nutmeg
  • Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper



Flour and 1/2 tsp salt mix for the dough in a bowl. Knead the soft butter into the flour with your fingertips and rub it between your hands until it becomes a sandy consistency. Add the egg yolk and about 1 tablespoon of water and knead into a smooth dough. If necessary, gradually add a little more water until a smooth shortcrust pastry is formed. Carefully roll out the dough onto some flour in the size of the quiches used. Place in the mold, push up one edge and cut off any overhanging dough with a knife or scissors. Pierce the dough around with a fork several times.Cut the bacon into thin strips, but not too small cubes. Fry without adding fat in a non-stick pan until the strips of bacon are crispy. Drain on kitchen paper and let cool slightly. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C top and bottom heat.


Beat the eggs with the whisk and stir in the crème fraîche and cream. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper and add the bacon. Pour the eggs into the prepared quiche. Bake in preheated oven for about 45-50 minutes until golden brown. If you wiggle on the shape, the mass should not wobble and only slightly soft in the middle. Cool the quiche in the mold on a wire rack lukewarm. Then carefully remove, slice and serve.


The quiche tastes both lukewarm and cold. You can also freeze them and, for example, reheat them in the microwave oven.

Day Trip after Metz and recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

 Day trip to Metz and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine |

 Metz Day Trip and Recipe for Quiche Lorraine (lorraine bacon) |

Note: I tag this post as an ad because I name and link different places and stores. The trip was purely private and accordingly completely self-paid!