Fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit

Living like God in France - since my trip to Provence at the end of September, I can confirm that the saying is true. I have already summarized in a rather condensed form what I experienced. Get yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up in a blanket and read my stories about the producers and cooks in Provence and Camargue and their great products: Culinary travelogue Provence and Camargue.

For the experience a bit To hold on to it and, above all, to bring it home, I am allowed to prepare a dish with French products for the French Ministry of Agriculture together with my dear fellow travelers Simone von S-Küche, Tine von Trickytine and Sandy of Confiture de Vivre every month until December. For that I got a surprise cart to let off steam. It starts here with a great autumn dish: Fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort !

Olive tree in Provence |

French goat cheese from Provence |

Already on my trip through Provence, I noticed again how good the simple, down to earth is. Products such as olive oil or goat cheese are traditionally prepared without much frills. Starting point is always a very high quality product, for example, an old olive variety or goat's milk from a certain goat breed grazing on herbaceous meadows. Often one considers the French kitchen for a detached, unaffordable kitchen and thinks immediately of haute cuisine. In fact, she can be very different. Especially in rural and rural regions, it is about the product itself. The basis is so fantastic that such a product can stand by itself. So you do not have to create star-shaped plates to serve delicious dishes with great ingredients!

Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts , Pumpkin, Sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

For my judgment today I have different, already strong flavors, combined with each other. It should be easy to prepare well after work and suitable for fall. The focus should be on the French products - but you do not always have to cook "typical" French dishes from them. You can integrate them wonderfully into the fast everyday kitchen. For example, for a simple, nightly pasta dish.

Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | moeyskitchen .com #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

Pasta goes well with French products. It also consists of only a few ingredients: flour, eggs, salt and water. Solid and down to earth. Whether you make the pasta fresh yourself or buy fresh goods in the refrigerated shelf is up to you. There is certainly high quality pasta in the refrigerated counter and just when it needs to go fast in the evening, I like to access these products.

 Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

Autumn time is Maron time. I love the herb-nutty aromas of sweet chestnuts in both sweet and savory dishes.Even there, the chestnuts are usually already peeled and pre-cooked. For my pasta dish, I opted for the chestnuts from the freezer. Here they keep their shape best. All you have to do is lightly thaw them and then put them directly into the oven in this dish to roast.

Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

Pumpkin is available in different shapes and colors both here and in France. I opted for a classic Hokkaido pumpkin, but you can also use a small butternut squash or a quarter of a mukcat squash. Pumpkin and chestnuts are always a safe bet in combination and are perfect for the golden autumn. In addition, I add some spice in the form of French garlic and fresh sage . Just the smell that flows out of the oven during roasting is fantastic! The whole thing is seasoned with real Fleur de Sel from the Camargue and a wonderful French olive oil from Provence - what a pleasure!

Camargue Fleur de Sel

Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

Bis The dish is vegan - but I recommend you use a French cheese to serve. A strong goat or sheep's cheese completes the pasta outstanding and emphasizes the earthy flavors. I chose a Roquefort AOP , a blue cheese. Roquefort is made from raw sheep's milk and was the first French cheese to receive the AOC seal (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée), the protected designation of origin. Roquefort, like many other French cheeses, is subject to strict quality specifications and can only be named if it comes from a certain region and is traditionally made there. Today it is subject to the continuation of the AOC seal, the stringent European AOP seal (Appellation d'Origine Protégée ) .

Pay attention when buying these typical small seals on the packaging. They preserve a piece of tradition of the region, secure jobs in agriculture and protect against unlawful use of names. And if you do not like Roquefort and you prefer a bit milder, just take a goat cheese and crumble a little over the pasta at the end. Add a glass of French organic red wine, Santé!

Recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

 Wine cellar in Provence |

With every bite, I think back to the wonderful time together in Provence and Camargue and get into the raptures! With very simple, traditional, but very high quality products, you can get this le goût du vrai - the real taste - home! Over the next two months you will find more recipes from me and the others. Until then, you can also browse at Simone: Corn Chicken Suprême with Estragonsenfcreme on Black Rice.At Sandy, there are caramelized pumpkin and chestnut vegetables with crispy guinea fowl. Does not that sound fantastic?

recipe for fresh pasta with chestnuts, squash, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit | #france #foodblog #recipe # pumpkin #maronen #roquefort #vegetarian #pasta

Fresh pasta with chestnuts, pumpkin, sage and Roquefort #francebonappetit

Fresh Pasta with Chestnuts, Pumpkin, Sage and Roquefort

Portions: 2-4

Le goût du vrai - the true taste! In a simple dish with strong flavor components


  • 750 g squash (butternut, hokkaido or nutmeg gourd)
  • 200 g french frozen chestnuts, lightly thawed
  • 3 garlic cloves, unpeeled and halved
  • 50 g French olive oil AOP, plus a little more
  • 1 small Handful of fresh sage leaves
  • 30 g walnut kernels
  • 400 g of fresh tagliatelle or ribbon noodles, homemade or off the shelf
  • 100 g Roquefort AOP
  • Fleur de Sel de Camargue and freshly ground black pepper



Heat the oven to 190 ° C top and bottom Preheat and lay out a baking tray with parchment paper.


Wash the pumpkin (in Hokkaido) or peel, halve and core it. Cut into narrow columns and cut them in half. Distribute on the baking tray. Add chestnuts and halved garlic cloves and drizzle with the olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Roast for about 30 minutes in a preheated oven. Add the sage slices and walnut kernels 10 minutes before the end of cooking.


Let the pasta boil in plenty of salted water for about 3-4 minutes, then mix dripping wet with the ingredients from the tin. Finally sprinkle with the Roquefort as desired, add a little extra olive oil and serve immediately.

Many thanks to the French Ministry of Agriculture for the beautiful cooperation , the travel invitation and the sending of fantastic French products under the motto Le goût du vrai ! #FranceBonAppetit