It's Christmas Time ... nougat stollen confectionery with almonds

How can it be that this year I will not even Last Christmas , Driving Home for Christmas , All I want for Christmas or something like that? In fact, I have not heard anything yet with Christmas . But that starts to feel in August at the radio stations. Well, I do not want to complain. I currently have completely different earworms in my head. Kölsche Lieder, after the annual corporate Christmas party. It's the same every year: dancing, until your feet are burning and singing Kölsche songs until your voice is gone. For non-cologne: Googel the songs Et jitt kei Wood by Cat Ballou, the FC anthem Mer stonn to you FC-Kölle from the Höhnern or city met K from Kasalla. Four times in a row - after 20 Kölsch - you probably only understands as a Cologne. Hey clown, you're Jeföhl ...

 recipe for lightning-fast nougat-lumpy confectionery with chopped almonds for Christmas

Anyway, we are stuck in the middle of the Christmas season and I still feel not really in the Christmas spirit. Mariah Carey , Chris Rea and Wham! would probably help. As long as they do not sing, I grab in the Foodblogger Trickbox and get out the Cookie Joker. Cookies are something of Christmas, there is guaranteed mood on!

That's why I brought you today a lightning quick recipe for delicious Stollen confection. You know, too elaborate and too delicate is not mine. But these adorable mini-studs are really made so quick, look great and taste so good. Exactly my thing! And so slowly you probably know that raisins and dried fruits and rum and all this orange and lemon are so not mine. That's why there's delicious nut nougat and chopped almonds in my apricot confectionery. The result is a delicious nougat-style confectionery. Perfect or?

Recipe for lightning-fast nougat lumpy confectionery with chopped Almonds for Christmas

The recipe for my recipe is a quark jelly dough. Yeast dough would be an alternative, but of course takes longer and is more elaborate. So juicy quark dough - which also keeps fresh and juicy especially long and the Stollen confectionery is nice and soft and crumbly. The nougat should be as cool as possible so that you can cut it into small pieces. All in all, mixing the ingredients takes only a few minutes. The stollen confectionery is then shaped by hand, baked, brushed with liquid butter and dusted with powdered sugar. Packed airtight, it lasts well for a while in the cookie jar - but probably not too long either. The nougat stollen confectionery is just too delicious.Cover two baking trays with baking paper.


Make butter, icing sugar and vanilla creamy for a few minutes.

3 Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in a separate bowl. Add together with the quark to the butter-powdered sugar mixture and knead everything to a smooth dough. If the dough is too sticky, just add some flour.

Cut the nougat into pieces and put it under the dough with the almonds.


Remove walnut-sized pieces from the dough and form between balls into balls, then into ovals. Place on the baking trays at a sufficient distance from each other.


Bake the nougat stollen confection in a preheated oven one after the other for about 12-15 minutes until golden brown. Let cool for 5 minutes on the plate, then put on a wire rack. Brush with the melted butter, then sprinkle with powdered sugar and let cool completely. Store airtight packaging.

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