Juicy Chocolate Marron Cake after Sir Paul McCartney

Already after the first working day of this year I realized that I can not get on with Brussels sprouts salad this year. Luckily, I did not write during my culinary year-end intentions that I no longer want to bake cakes or eat anything sweet. And so a delicious chocolate-chestnut cake for the office calms not only the own mind. But it also has a very mood-enhancing and soothing effect on your colleagues.

Recipe for tart, juicy and extra-chocolate chocolate chestnut cake | moeyskitchen .com #Chocolate cake #backen #cake #foodblogger

This delicious cake has a lot of" Oooohhhs "and" Mmmhhhms ". For some time now I've been thinking about how to embed chestnuts in a sweet environment. The chestnut soup from the year before last was already so delicious and since then I always wanted to try something different with chestnuts.

Recipe for herbaceous juicy and extra chocolate chocolate chestnut cake | moeyskitchen.com #coffee cake #backen #cake #foodblogger

I always like to buy pre-cooked and shelled vacuumed chestnuts from France. (Note, many of these packs are now from China!). I have not been able to discover chestnut purée or cream in the normal supermarket. This form of prepared chestnuts is more common in desserts. However, this is not necessary - you can make the chestnut cream for this cake easily and quickly yourself. And create according to your own taste.

Recipe for herb-juicy and extra-chocolate chocolate chestnut cake | moeyskitchen.com #green cake #backen #cakes #foodblogger

While researching the Internet for a delicious cake with chestnuts, I ended up on the women's side of an Irish daily newspaper. And then stumbled over the recipe for a "Chocolate and chestnut cake". And supposedly the recipe comes from Sir Paul McCartney himself! Anyway, I've just sprayed it a bit and the original recipe something converted ...

recipe for tart-juicy and extra-chocolate chocolate-chestnut cake | moeyskitchen.com #goodies #backen #cakes #foodblogger

By the way, the chocolate and chestnut cake does not contain flour. Accordingly, he is reminiscent of chocolate truffles and should probably be called chocolate truffle and chestnut cake. He is not only incredibly juicy and has a very nice nut flavor. At the same time, he is hardly sweet, but rather slightly bitter and tart. A must-have for all fans of dark chocolate!

Recipe for tart, juicy and extra chocolaty chocolate chestnut cake | moeyskitchen.com #goodies #backen #cakes #foodblogger

It's too chocolaty and bitter for my husband, but colleagues have been all the more eager. So that the kitchen was eaten ratzfatz. Although the cake is baked only in a 20cm Springform form, but it is so powerful and rich that you only have to divide it into tiny pieces.Then allow to cool slightly and then puree in a Foodprozessor/Blender or with the blender. If you do not want a piece of cake, the masses puree very finely, but I have left them a little coarser, to have it a bit "meatier". Allow the finished solid cream to cool.


Preheat the oven to 175 ° C top and bottom heat. Lay out a springform pan with a diameter of 20 cm on the bottom with baking paper and close it. Grease the bottom and edges of the dish thoroughly with butter and add some cocoa powder. Distribute everything evenly until the cocoa is completely covered by shaking and turning. Carefully tap out the rest.


Beat the eggs with the sugar in the food processor or with the hand mixer for a few minutes at the highest level to a light, thick cream. Add the chestnut purée and thoroughly mix everything again. Now add the butter with the chocolate and stir again thoroughly. Pour the dough into the mold and bake the cake on the middle rack of the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. The dough should not be too dry, the cake should instead stay nicely juicy and soft. I'd rather get you out of the oven early than late.


Let the cake cool for 15 to 20 minutes in the form on a wire rack, then remove from the mold and either serve lukewarm with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or crème fraîche. Or let it cool on the wire rack.


Before serving, sprinkle with a little cocoa powder, sprinkled through a sieve, sprinkle. The cake keeps airtight without any problems a few days in the refrigerator. He has tasted the best after a night in the refrigerator.

Recipe for Herb-Juicy and Extra-Chocolatey Chocolate Marron Cake | moeyskitchen.com #Chocolate Cake #Baking #Cake #foodblogger

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Recipe for herbaceous Juicy and Extra Chocolatey Chestnut Cake | moeyskitchen.com #Chocolate Cake #backen #cake #foodblogger