Milk pasta - from the cookbook "Mia loves pasta"

In my last blog post, I realized that one thing has come way too short in the blog lately: the introduction of cookbooks! My collection is still growing, my shelves are not enough anymore, cookbooks pile up on the floor. And love blogger friends continue to publish many exciting theme cookbooks. That's why I would like to finally cook more of these cookbooks and introduce you to beautiful cookbooks with delicious recipes. Today it's Mia's Milk pasta ​​strong> from her book Mia loves Pasta * - a real revelation to me!

Recipe for Milk Noodles - like rice pudding, only with pasta! After an idea by Mirja Hoechst from her book "Mia loves pasta" modified |

In a modified form, I am cooking up a lot of what I discover in my online magazines. And yet, that's not the same as leafing through a book and reading recipes. But these beautiful reading moments on the sofa have been much too short lately. More cooking also means more at the same time - not for nothing I've set up the category cookbooks here on the blog. If you do not know her yet (which is not surprising since she has been lying fallow for a while), I can recommend her to you. There you will find some reviews and recipes from beautiful cookbooks.

Recipe for Milk Noodles - like rice pudding, with pasta only! After an idea by Mirja Hoechst from her book "Mia loves pasta" modified |

So today it's time for the mille pasta from Mia's second cookbook. When I visited Mia a few weeks ago at a trade fair in Cologne, she picked me up just a tasting portion and I was immediately impressed. In fact, I'd never tasted Milky Noodles before and never ate sweeties in sweet anyway. Sure, Schupfnudeln with cinnamon and sugar and poppy one knows. Hearty dishes in conjunction with pasta and applesauce are also available here in the Rhineland. And I also know the stories of friends who ate their noodles with cinnamon and sugar as a child most of all. For me that was just never an issue and was not up for debate. On pasta came tomato sauce and nothing else - at least that looked in my gruff kiddie world like this. Until I tried Mia's Milk Noodles and was blown away ...

Recipe for Milk Noodles - just like rice pudding with pasta! After an idea by Mirja Hoechst from her book "Mia loves pasta" modified |

Milk pasta is nothing more than the preparation of rice pudding - just with pasta instead of rice. It is also much faster, because noodles simply absorb the liquid faster and are faster. The result is as creamy as rice pudding and you no longer automatically connect the pasta with "hearty". Milk noodles are the perfect sweet soulfood, if you have to go fast. I always have the ingredients in the house anyway. And especially on gray and rainy autumn days, a bowl of mille noodles is a real treat. I only slightly modified Mia's recipe, minimizing the amount and using only brown sugar for a more caramel note. You will also find many other recipe ideas for vegetarian pasta dishes in the book.

And by the way, Mia's first book, Mia's Sweet Little Things * with a recipe for pistachio ice cream, I've already introduced here: Cookbook Review by "Mias sweet little things "by Mirja Hoechst - with recipe for pistachio ice cream from Thermomix and ice cream machine

Recipe for Milk noodles - like rice pudding, only with noodles!Continue to simmer, stirring constantly, until the sauce is thickened and the pasta is cooked. </p> </div> </div> <div class = "step"> <span class = "step-number"> 3 </span> <div class = "step-content"> <p> The Milk Noodles Spread on 2 plates, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and serve immediately. </p> </div> </div> </div> <div class = "recipe-notes"> <h3 class = "recipe-title"> Notes </h3> <p> In the case of milk noodles, the pasta should not be cooked to al dente but may be a little softer. For me, it took about 3-4 minutes longer than indicated on the pasta box, until the liquid overcooked and the pasta was soft. </P> </div> </div> <h3> Pinning recipe right at Pinterest and Save for later </h3> <p> <img src = "/images/image-140420191722KhbW.jpeg" alt = "Milk noodles - children

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