Welcome to Wing Heaven where we are proud to have sauced and tossed over a million wings and we look forward to serving up millions more.

At Wing Heaven, we strive to use the finest ingredients, our own specialty seasoning for wings and 18 delicious signature sauces to create an incredible “comeback” experience time and time again.  Our wings are marinated in our specialty seasonings, which creates a flavor that is entirely different and simply delicious. Also have no less than nine different seasonings to flavor side orders. We believe that wings really are the new burgers. We also have our own specialty breading for fish.

The future of Wing Heaven looks bright; we envision hundreds or even thousands of stores across the United States. We are on a mission to make Wing Heaven a household name when it comes to delicious, affordable food.

Let’s face it, everyone loves wings and at Wing Heaven “Only the Good Chickens Make It In!”



Our business model is to serve our customers with quality and professionalism. It is our goal to empower and enable motivated entrepreneurs to strengthen their communities through Wing Heaven franchises.

Wing Heaven is proud to be in the forefront of providing nutritionally responsibility yet delicious food to its customers. “Wing Heaven is always quality and health conscious” says CEO Tom Walker. “With today’s nutritional and health concerns being a top priority, we always try transfat free.”

Walker adds, “Various Health Departments’ Food Inspectors frequently visit our restaurants for lunch. I love it when they come in because I know that we run clean, professional establishments.” We are very proud of Wing Heaven, its people and the food.